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Anonymous asked:

So do you have a problem with the portion of black men that say they dont date black girls because they were stiff armed/ragged on while growing up for being too dark or the way they speak etc? is exposure to colorism/ignorance a viable reason for no longer wanted to date within ones race?


No exposure to colorism will never be a viable excuse to denounce and shame people that are part of your race. Yes outside influence are big factors in our every day lives and these influences do in some way play part in how we go on about interaction in everyday life but they are not excuses for ignorance. I refuse to forgive black men that will ignorance for their justification of self hate. There are enough books/libraries/authors/websites/journals that thoroughly analyses the effects of colorism and it’s roots. If you can take the time to find and download a lil Wayne album, you have no excuses on how you just couldn’t have the information that tells you how and why colorism in the Americas work.

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